UM66 & UM3561

UM3561 github / hackaday

UM66 github / hackaday

A limited edition of these DIY EMI (electronic musical instruments) will be made available through Toneburst in the near future.

The instrument ideas were informed by Rob Hordijk‘s concept; ‘bent-by-design‘.

They are physical remixes of the datasheet serving suggestions.

The original schematic was quoted and transformed through playful iteration.

These versions may not be the last.

The edition of copies is limited.

Matilde Meireles – Useful Constraints

The latest TONEBURST release is now available.

<kat no.13>

A very familiar journey. Two locations, Lisbon and Seixal. A river in between. A ferry crossing. A journey between north and south of the greater city of Lisbon in Portugal. These are the premises that envelope the project.

The project results from a detailed exploration of timbres and rhythms using various field recording techniques. The result takes the listener on a journey between metal, water, and time.

This edition also includes two collaborations between Matilde and Tone Burst. A silk print printed by Galdéria in Caldas da Rainha (Portugal), and a short audio/visual element—Follow the water. The silk print is a graphic exploration of the project’s useful constraints, while the audio/visual element is a conversation between Matilde, Phil and Barry using recordings of water from the various locations where each one of us was based: Lisbon, Munich and Belfast.

releases December 4, 2020