Claude & Ola – Uume

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<kat no.41>

uume (pronounced “you-m”) is an exercise in informed intuition and unfettered discovery. Brewed in small batches.

Ola – cello, voice, electronics, violin, zippers
Claude – drums, electronics, double bass, violin, voice, zippers
Guest vocals by our roosters if you listen closely.

Thanks to Phil, Barry, and the Tone Burst family of artists and supporters, Andy and Team TQ (and TQN-aut!) , Ross at Steep Gloss, Lidija, Hilary Hawke, Immara, Tolga Baklacioglu, our bros in the Local Service Initiative, Famous Letter Writer, Hydrogen Bouquet, Rube Waddell, FernLodge, Raoul van Herpan and EAT, Mattic, Grant and Ethan for the cymbals, Jill Savage for the cellos and double bass, Acep at the Kelp Bed, Fable Grazer, Otto’s Abode, The Station, and everyone who has supported in us in any way in this journey, particularly our families and especially Howard and Yasemin.

A special word of thanks for all the artists we connect with online and live for the inspiration and attention.

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release June 9, 2023

crücFX – Memorandum

The latest TONEBURST release is available.

<kat no.53>

Thank You to everyone involved with Tone Burst, GreenTone, and the ciat-lonbarde Community.
A big thank you to Graham F. for Mastering and Engineering.
Thanks to Triangle, Stéphane, and E.S.

Dedicated to Sherry.

Gear used during the recording of this album:

ciat-lonbarde – (Peter Blasser)
cocolase, cocoquantus, cocoquadtussy (DIY)
Plumbutter2, Roolzer (DIY), Duber (DIY)
Din Datin Dudero SRINE (Oval), Stuber (Oval), DDDm2 (DIY)
Fourses in the Zi-Hai (DIY), FYRALL (DIY)
Tocante Bistab, Tocante Phashi, Studworth Thyris (DIY) Studworth Bistab (DIY), Stubworth Phashi (DIY)
Ieaskul F. Mobenthey – Entire Suite

ERD/Microresearch – (Martin Howse)
ERD/ERD, ERD/WORM, ERD/SIR, ERD All the Colours of the Noise.

Teenage Engineering – OP-1


released June 2, 2023

fallgatter & co – spring loops

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<kat no.52>
Loop Tape & Tea. Spring Edition, 4th and final installment of the series. Huge thanks to all who contributed.

The ‘In Steps’ versions are edits of a collection of postal tape loops, that travelled back and forth between Belfast & Munich in 2020. Initially there was no real plan for these other than it being an exploratory & fun activity. When T.Jervell brought the loop tape & tea project to us we knew that they had a found a new purpose.

After enjoying the pre-recorded loop with your tea, we would like to encourage you, if possible, to record over the tape with another loop from the digital release. Explore the nooks and crannies of all the…  more


releases May 26, 2023

Elin Piel – Endless Loop

The latest TONEBURST release is available.

<kat no 47>

Loop Tape & Tea. Winter Edition & 3rd in the series.

The tea provided with the cassette is Satemwa Antlers from Shire Highlands, Thyola, Malawi. Unlike other teas, this tea is composed purely of stems from the tea plant. No leaves. Mirroring the naked trees in winter. Tastes of lychee, lilac & honey.

released March 17, 2023

Sanger & Sanger – Music for Shakuhachi & Electronics

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<kat no.46>

<kat 46>

released December 24, 2002

Sanger & Sanger is a collaborative effort between brothers Joseph Myoushin Sanger, a certified Shakuhachi master and teacher based in Hiroshima and internationally renowned electronic musician, Luke Sanger.
The improvised studio session incorporates live Shakuhachi with parallel processing and accompaniment from Ciat-Lonbarde instruments.