ET – Vol. 6 Hyperenvironments

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<kat no.34>

In a dark room, ET sat at a keyboard, forgoing all drum machines, pre-planned structure and bar lines. Exploring the inner and outer cosmos in a sleep-deprived stream of consciousness, synthesising a guided astral journey into another world.

Roll tapes, unfurl the mind and set off into the unknown.

Omniversal Multiplexing
Reality is neither universal or multiversal, but somewhere in between, but our spirits must grasp a single strand of existence and tend to it or risk annihilation from information overload. Here, the limitless opportunity is manifested as a percussion piece, one reality chosen from a million possible threads all occurring simultaneously.

Hyperenvironment “u”
The human body and the rainbow body are configured entirely differently, the head of the rainbow body corresponds with the human hands and stomach, and the human head corresponds with the propelling hairs of the rainbow body. When the process of transferring consciousness occurs in another being, the body appears to open like a flower.

Sea of Vapours
To the rainbow body empty space is a medium with texture and resistance, like sentient smoke. To travel through this medium the rainbow body both grips the lines of the omniverse with its eyes and propels itself on long glowing hairs.

Sky Burial
From a human perspective, the deceased body is consumed and the remains are spread geographically by scavenging animals. However, from the astral perspective the rainbow body is given the ultimate gift of being opened wide like a net, to better locate the omniversal field lines and to catch the cubic centimetre of opportunity.

Antimatter Milky Way
The milky way appears distant to the human body but within the omniverse it unites all, feeling more like a warm river of spirit flowing through everything with a clear texture and direction.

Infinite Mirror Maze
To fall into a mirror and reflect light in tiny beams into the outer portions of the omniverse. To remain lost in the mirror forever, to never return home.

Hyperbeings are entirely unconnected to physical form, existing in the gaps of the omniverse. They have thoughts and intentions of their own but are only ever occasionally able to exert any influence on what we think of as our ‘concrete’ reality. When they do appear they are enormous and diffuse and it is easy to miss them, appearing more as gaps between clouds or as unusual wind patterns or strange temperature fluctuations.

Neutron Gong
Dead stars ring like giant bells.

Hyperenvironment “I”
Having travelled for some time, the rainbow body begins to unfurl and the fibres begin to fall apart. While alive, the human and rainbow forms must nourish each other, so our journey is soon to end for now. It is only after human death that the rainbow form can achieve permanence, if properly strengthened through training, maintained and nourished during life.

Flying Amanita
Before returning home to the human form, one final joyful flight across the glowing sky. In flight the rainbow body appears to be approximately mushroom-shaped, with the propelling hairs pulled together into a stem. 

released September 2, 2022

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