T. Jervell – Undergangen (Håp)

The latest TONEBURST release is available.


kat no.42>

This album marks the end of a “Four Seasons”-project.
The first release in the project was the track “Fanfare of Spring”, featured on the compilation “Tying Up Loose Ends #1 – Culport”. This was followed by the summer album “En Sommerdag I Kroken (Ruter)”. The endless loop tape “Decomposing Transitions” described autumn, containing a two-minute loop, with no beginning nor end.
Just like “En Sommerdag I Kroken”, this is an album with a narrative. The narrative here is presented both in the titles, and the enclosed text (program notes). Thus, making this a piece of program music.

Undergangen (Håp)

Released December 2, 2022

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