Squeal & Scrape

Squeal & Scrape is a workshop project. There are two parts; a contact (piezo) microphone & an amplifier. This DIY EMI can be made by novices. There are a small number of components which require soldering. Some of the participants at the Framewerk workshop created a group for live performance using their DIY EMIs later that evening.

Hosted by Catalyst Arts gallery, Belfast

Workshop delivered as ‘contact mic & dirty amp’. Part of ‘Interzone‘ exhibition (video below).

Hosted by Framewerk framers & gallery, Belfast.

Workshop followed by live performance with participants as Squeal & Scrape Orchestra at the 343, supporting artist JD Zazie, Belfast.

Hosted by Ten Acres of Sound, Stirchley.

Workshop followed by screening of video remix (“PLAY!“) using audio recordings and photos from participants (video below).

The gallery workspace was very full. More space makes the work more comfortable, faster, and easier to complete.

Getting test tones from the circuits is worth the wait / work.

Participants shared recordings they made with their DIY EMI. I compiled and composed a short AV piece from the audio I received. The video was screened as part of the Ten Acres of Sound festival live feed.



Instructables / 10 Acres of Sound version