Raoul Van Herpen – Fire Ring

The latest TONEBURST release is available.


<kat no.37>

Soft crackling, a snap, pop, a sudden roar, ever changing, recognizable yet never the same.

Flames who seem to have a life of its own, dancing to the sound of their passionate burning self.

Every piece is a place to be in, rising and descending, whispers, whistling heat.

Dance around the fire, or just stare at the flames. Take part in the ritual of the “Fire Ring”.

Instead of being beaten by a broken computer, I took that challenge to be creative and do it “the old way”.
All music is recorded in one take, full analog, and mixed on to tape, minor editing and mastering are done partly analog and digital.
The instruments I used for this recording: Ciat-lonbarde DIY instruments, Wurlitzer piano, Arp Axxe synthesizer, Guitar, and tape echo/loops.


Jonas Geiger Ohlin – januari har trettioen dagar

The latest TONEBURST release is available.


<kat no.31>

Januari har trettioen dagar (January has 31 days)

In early November 2021 I had started to form a project idea in my head – To record 31 bars of 4/4 at 100bpm (1 min 14 secs) everyday for 31 days throughout the month of January 2022. A sonic diary.

By late November, I began to be haunted by panic attacks. Instead of listening to my body I continued to push on with work, and everything else in life, like nothing was going on.

In the middle of December, a couple of days after I presented the idea to Tone Burst, the darkness swallowed me completely. I went into hibernation and shut the rest of the world out. No social media, no news and no creativity. I didn’t think this project would happen.

On the 31st of December I decided I would try to go through with the idea. I started to go outside again into public places, listening to the world around me through my mobile phone’s microphone.

What follows here are the processes I used to get back up on my feet.

It’s simple, it’s intense. It’s slow, it’s chaotic.
It’s tedious, it’s beautiful.
My hopes are that it is in someway a reflection of life.

All recordings by Jonas Geiger Ohlin

Field recordings were complimented with ;
Behringer TD-3, Casio CTK-530, Korg Minilouge XD, Korg MS-20 mini, Korg SQ-1, Korg Volca Keys ,Korg Volca Modular, IK Multimedia Uno Synth, Moog Grandmother, Moog Werkstatt-01, Roland TR-6S, Roland VT-4, acoustic guitar, alto recorder, harmonica, kalimba, toy khaen, xylophone, music box, wind chimes and an iPhone.

Hear Yous – Same Place @ Sonorities 2018

In the summer of 2017 a group of artists based in Belfast formed UMBRELLA. The group is a collective that aims to promote arts practices related to sound, listening and aural environments. Meeting monthly at the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast, the group seeks to collaborate on new works and present public events that feature aurally-engaged artworks.

The latest work/works from the group is ‘Same Place‘ which will be exhibited at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (SARC) as part of Sonorities 2018.