Jonas Geiger Ohlin – januari har trettioen dagar

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<kat no.31>

Januari har trettioen dagar (January has 31 days)

In early November 2021 I had started to form a project idea in my head – To record 31 bars of 4/4 at 100bpm (1 min 14 secs) everyday for 31 days throughout the month of January 2022. A sonic diary.

By late November, I began to be haunted by panic attacks. Instead of listening to my body I continued to push on with work, and everything else in life, like nothing was going on.

In the middle of December, a couple of days after I presented the idea to Tone Burst, the darkness swallowed me completely. I went into hibernation and shut the rest of the world out. No social media, no news and no creativity. I didn’t think this project would happen.

On the 31st of December I decided I would try to go through with the idea. I started to go outside again into public places, listening to the world around me through my mobile phone’s microphone.

What follows here are the processes I used to get back up on my feet.

It’s simple, it’s intense. It’s slow, it’s chaotic.
It’s tedious, it’s beautiful.
My hopes are that it is in someway a reflection of life.

All recordings by Jonas Geiger Ohlin

Field recordings were complimented with ;
Behringer TD-3, Casio CTK-530, Korg Minilouge XD, Korg MS-20 mini, Korg SQ-1, Korg Volca Keys ,Korg Volca Modular, IK Multimedia Uno Synth, Moog Grandmother, Moog Werkstatt-01, Roland TR-6S, Roland VT-4, acoustic guitar, alto recorder, harmonica, kalimba, toy khaen, xylophone, music box, wind chimes and an iPhone.

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