Companion Blocks

The Companion Blocks were made after wrestling with the companion boxes for a while. They are a version which was spawned from slightly extended desires from the same source materials.

The Companion Blocks also contain circuit bent efects units made by the zoom company, they also use a feedback loop (input to output controlled by potentiometer). The main difference is they can be powered by battery, they both use of a banana jack modular patch interface, plus they include an amplifier and speaker which makes it possible to play without extra sound reinforcement.


There are currently only two Companion Blocks. They were made after taking the time to experiment with building an enclosure for the paper circuits of synthesynthesist Peter Blasser (Ciat Lonbarde).

The enclosures were made from scrap material; off cuts of perspex and 2×6 timber. These were treated in a pillar drill to accomodate the circuits and interface components.


Audio: soon.