D&D Teensy

Controller PCB – connects 8 potentiometers to a Teensy 3.2 / 3.2 / 4.0 with audio shield to realise a version of the Drone & Drama instrument.

PJRC created a GUI to compose the audio settings before further editing on the Arduino:

A pocket sized version of the Drone & Drama instrument series; continuing to offer volume and frequency controls for three oscillators (Drone) and volume and tone for a noise (Drama) channel.

This version is a reduced version of the design, making fewer parameters available to players. The digital sound generators can be cleaner than those in the earliest versions of the instrument, there is some clock noise still audible on some settings which will be reduced by revising the use of the DAC.

This work is still in development with the aim to expand the instrument to include a rechargable battery and built in amplifier to make the item usable and portable.