Nano Perc

Nano Perc was developed whilst reading and learning from Arduino for Musicians. This DIY EMI uses an arduino nano and very few other parts. It developed from an arduino sketch which produced multi channel output.

The tones generated come from selecting numbers which produce interesting timbre. Some of the numbers used in generating the tones are outside the recommended range. They are not tuned to conventional notes. Looping the patterns of unconventional frequencies and durations give the audio output a slightly percussive feel.

In an effort to keep the output varied and interesting, switches add further sounds to the loop. The additional sounds are not quantised, which makes the output less familiar and unusable for many idiomatic musics. The instrument, in it’s current state, will not be suitable for use in accompanying many traditional forms of music, but may encourage the creation of new musics.

Future versions of the instrument will include control for the tone, probably using analogue circuitry to change the sound colour.