BJC – UM Versions FESTIVUS Edition

Ltd. booklet contains one UM66 FESTIVUS PCB & information on building the DIY electronic musical instruments, including a list of suggested components to complete the device/instrument (these extra components must be sourced separately).

This version was designed with a Winter celebration in mind, hence the name FESTIVUS as celebrated in regions of Europe and beyond. Nollaig na mBan! (little/women’s christmas Ireland) Trettondedag (13th day Sweden) día de los Reyes Magos (3 kings day Spain), also; Epiphany.

‘It’s the night the taxi drivers quiver in their boots’ Pauline – Cork

(Battery not included.)
These DIY EMIs require a 3v CR2032 battery for power.
The output is a mono mini jack (3.5mm).


NB: v4_4

Video courtesy of Phil Porter @toneburst