BJC – UM Versions TENDER Edition

The UM66 chip was designed to play monophonic
melodies: The chip used in this circuit plays the popular song ‘love me tender’.
The UM66 is used two times. They are not synchronised.
This DIY EMI has potentiometers to control voltage starve & volume as well as a switch to change the ‘bent’ character of the sound.

This is an edition of hardware for performing a version of a love song.

This version was designed with valentine in mind & celebrating togetherness; hence the name TENDER, The release is timed to put into our hands and ears the maxim,

‘if music is the language of love, play on’ – some bard.

Enjoy the output of a component pairing as you perform the parameters; play!

(Battery not included.)
These DIY EMIs require a 3v CR2032 battery for power.
The output is a mono mini jack (3.5mm).


NB: v4_5