Drone & Drama


The Drone & Drama came about as an assemblage of several smaller units:

  • three waveform function generators,
  • ‘bent-by-design’ noise-siren (based on dub-siren),
  • ‘bent-by-design’ tone shaper (based on envelope filter),
  • mixer.


The instrument changed over time. Improvement, change, removal, substitution, addition, refinement, comparison. The filters used in the original configuration were based on classic DOD and Seamoon designs. Later only a modified version of the DOD was used.

The main instrument has gone through a number of iterations. Version two (v2 is clearly noted in the associated materials) was the first version of the instrument which could be reproduced with accuracy. A poster about this version was displayed at NIME 2018. D&D v2 was produced using: CNC milled PCBs & laser cut enclosures.