Drone & Drama


The Drone & Drama came about as an assemblage of several smaller units:

  • multiple waveform function generators using ten-turn pots to allow subtle changes to frequency,
  • ‘bent by design’ noise-siren (based on dub-siren),
  • ‘bent by design’ tone shaper (based on envelope filter),
  • mixer.


The instrument changed over time. Improvement, change, removal, substitution, addition, refinement, comparison. The filters used in the original configuration v1 were based on classic DOD and Seamoon designs. Later v2 only used a modified version of the DOD envelope filter.

Building the circuits in the Drone & Drama was informed by DIY circuit modification; bending, hacking, and replacing components with equivalents, improvements and extensions of functionality or compromises made from necessity.

The main instrument has gone through a number of iterations. Version two (v2 is clearly noted in the associated materials) was the first version of the instrument which could be reproduced with accuracy. A poster about this version was displayed at NIME 2018. D&D v2 was produced using: CNC milled PCBs & laser cut enclosures.

There are links to design repositories below the videos.